Overcoming the Psychological Effects of Acne Scars

By team on June 30, 2023

Are you struggling with damaged self-esteem due to acne scars? If so, you aren’t alone. Acne has treatments that are often quite effective once your medical team finds the right underlying cause. Yet this serious condition can leave behind scarring. Those scars can lead to deep psychological damage, and they affect a large portion of the population. If you’re one of the many affected by acne scares in Redding, CA, here’s how you can take back your mental health.

The Psychological Effects of Acne Scars

Teenage girl with acne scars on her face.

Active acne can cause psychological distress for sufferers. When the acne leaves behind scars, those psychological effects continue after the initial acne has cleared. According to the National Institutes of Health, acne typically occurs during adolescence, which is when people develop their self and social identities. Thus, the psychological impact of acne affects the brain during important developmental periods.

Once someone’s self-esteem is damaged, it affects their social interactions. Someone with a negative body image is not going to seek social interaction and deep relationships like someone with a positive body image might. This social isolation and lowered self-esteem can lead to anxiety and depression over the long term.

Understanding the Root Causes of the Psychological Impact

Woman with Acne scars on her face.

This psychological impact has many potential causes. The brain development stage is one reason for this physiological impact, but society’s high standards for beauty are another. Digital media shows perfectly groomed and airbrushed faces that give an unfair standard of beauty. This leads to an internalization of the negative self-perception those with acne scars deal with. Not only are they struggling with feeling less beautiful, but they see people all around them posting filtered and edited images that enforce that feeling.

Overcoming the Psychological Impact of Acne Scars

Sad woman squeezing pimple on her forehead Infront of mirror

The anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem of acne and acne scars shouldn't be ignored. The best first step is practicing positive self-talk that can lead to self-acceptance. Overcoming the emotional effect of acne scars may require seeking professional help and emotional support. Therapy and counseling can provide people with the tools they need to accept who they are and see their positive qualities.

Developing Coping Strategies

Woman with acne scars holding a pet snake and having fun with her pet cat.

If you suffer from low self-esteem due to acne scars, you should take practical measures to improve your self-confidence. Some strategies include:

  • Learn to focus on positive inner qualities
  • Focus on achievements
  • Set realistic goals and then work hard to achieve them
  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Spend less time-consuming media that harms your body image

Remember, your wealth and value don’t come from what you look like. It comes from who you are and how you use your skills and talents to make a difference.

Combining Psychological Healing with Picocare 450 Laser Treatment

woman with acne having a Picocare 450 Laser Treatment at the clinic.

Addressing the psychological impact of acne scars is important, but your self-care could include treating the scars themselves. Improving the appearance of your skin can give you an added boost to your self-esteem. For those suffering from acne scars in Redding, CA, Picocare 450 Laser Treatment could be a solution.

Picocare 450 effectively reduces the appearance of acne scars and the enlarged pores many acne sufferers have. It combines ultra-short picosecond laser and HEXA Laser Induced Optical Breakdown to lift and tighten the damaged areas. It can also remove the pigmentation that’s common after serious acne battles.

Treatment for acne scars in Redding with Picocare 450 can help you heal both physically and psychologically. Make sure you’re getting the right emotional support during treatment to address your inward thinking while addressing your outward appearance.

Promoting Mental Health and Resilience

woman meditating and doing some yoga.

Protecting your mental health should take on a holistic approach. Not only should you address your body image concerns due to acne scars, but you should also learn to reduce stress and practice healthy self-care routines. Lowered stress levels can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and improve your overall self-esteem as well.

One way to improve your mental health and give yourself more resilience is through relaxation and mindfulness. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing or meditation can lower stress hormone levels and allow you to think more positively. Mindfulness involves learning to live in and take in the moment rather than focusing on the past or the future. Both can help you with your overall mental health.

Acne scars can damage self-esteem and increase your risk of depression and anxiety. Learning to love yourself through therapy and good emotional support is the first step in overcoming this. Treatments, like Picocare 450, can also address these scars after you’ve taken the initial steps of getting mentally healthy. For more information about treatment for acne scars in Redding, call Shasta Meadows Wellness Center at (530) 486-6034 to schedule a consultation.

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