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Ketamine for Crohn's Disease Treatment

blonde woman in the sofa holding her stomach due to Crohn's disease

If you have an inflammatory bowel condition, you might have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. Even though you might think that you need to undergo a dangerous surgical procedure, this is not always the case. At Shasta Meadows Wellness Center, we are proud to offer ketamine as a treatment option for Crohn's Disease, and we can talk with you more about how this treatment option can help you. Learn more about how ketamine can help you, and reach out to us to make an appointment.

Understanding Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease is a form of autoimmune inflammatory bowel condition, with the other most common form of IBD being ulcerative colitis. If you have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, you have segments of your intestines that have become inflamed. Crohn's Disease can impact just about any portion of your GI tract, and this condition can lead to intense pain, blood in the stool, and weight loss. Some people with Crohn's Disease might even develop nutritional deficiencies because their inflamed bowel might not be able to absorb nutrients from their meals. Typically, it is treated with prescription medications and dietary changes, but there are situations where surgery could be recommended as well.

Causes of Crohn's Disease

Similar to other conditions, this disease has a wide variety of causes. One of the most common causes of Crohn's Disease is genetics. Some people are predisposed to developing this condition, and people with a family history of inflammatory bowel disease could be more likely to develop Crohn's Disease. There are also situations where certain medications, dietary issues, or even prior illnesses could be at risk of developing Crohn's Disease.


There are a number of medications that could be used to treat Crohn's Disease. The main medications are immunomodulators and anti-inflammatory medications. The goal is to tamp down the immune system and reduce inflammation to keep the symptoms of Crohn's Disease under control, but there is no cure for this condition.

Active Signs and Symptoms 

The symptoms of Crohn's Disease can wax and wane with time, but there are a few common signs and symptoms of this condition. Some of the most common symptoms include:

Man suffering from intense stomach pain cause of Diarrhea


Most people who suffer from Crohn's Disease develop diarrhea. Furthermore, there might be blood in the stool, which is a common side effect of inflammation of the GI tract.

Man having a fever cause of over fatigue

Fever and Fatigue

People with Crohn's Disease can also develop significant fevers. Crohn's Disease is an autoimmune condition, and this can lead to the development of fevers. People with Crohn's Disease can also develop extreme fatigue, particularly if their GI tract is not absorbing the nutrients they need.

man suffering from intense abdominal pain

Abdominal Pain and Cramping

When the GI tract becomes inflamed, severe abdominal pain and cramping can result. This symptom frequently waxes and wanes with Crohn's Disease flares.

Patient suffers from Mouth Sores

Mouth Sores

Crohn's Disease can impact just about any area of the GI tract, and this includes the mouth. People with Crohn's Disease can develop mouth sores from time to time.

Patient suffers from weight loss after having a Crohn's Disease

Reduced Appetite and Weight Loss

As a result of the symptoms above, people with Crohn's Disease might experience a reduced appetite. This can lead to weight loss.

Man suffering from Perianal Disease

Perianal Disease

Crohn's Disease can also impact the bottom of the GI tract. This can lead to inflammation and irritation of the anus.

How Ketamine Infusion Therapy Works

At Shasta Meadows Wellness Center, we are proud to offer ketamine infusion therapy as a treatment for Crohn's. This is a treatment that we administer only under the supervision of certified, trained professionals. An administration of ketamine can lead to quick results, treating many of the symptoms of Crohn's Disease above.

Why Ketamine for Crohn's Disease Treatment?

One treatment option for Crohn's Disease could be ketamine infusion therapy. Ketamine is frequently used for pain control, but it can also modulate the body's central nervous system, impacting the flow of neurotransmitters to calm nerves that might be irritated by Crohn's Disease. This can tamp down the body's immune system, providing relief from the symptoms of Crohn's Disease.

Ketamine Treatment for Crohn's Disease in Shasta County

If you are looking for Crohn's Disease treatment near me, we would be happy to help you. At Shasta Meadows Wellness Center, we can use ketamine infusion therapy to help you treat the symptoms of Crohn's. Give us a call today at 530-461-5845to make an appointment.