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Skin Pigmentation

Image of woman having Skin Pigmentation.

The way you look influences so many aspects of day-to-day life. When skin pigmentation disorders cause the skin to appear lighter or darker in areas, it can leave you uncomfortable. Clear, even skin tones can lead to a healthier and fresher face forward, with the outward confidence to take on the world.

What is Pigmentation in Skin?

Image of woman having Skin Pigmentation.

Pigmentation is responsible for the color of your skin. Individual pigment-producing cells, called melanocytes, determine how light or dark your skin is. Sometimes, skin pigmentation disorders can cause parts of the skin to appear lighter or darker than the surrounding areas. Usually, abnormal levels of melanin, fueled by melanocyte production, cause skin abnormalities.  

When the skin has skin patches darker than the rest of the skin, it is called hyperpigmentation. When areas of the skin appear lighter than the surrounding skin, it is called hypopigmentation.  

Causes of Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation occurs when the body produces too many melanocytes, creating dark patches of skin. These patches can be unsightly and cause the skin to appear patchy. There are several causes of skin hyperpigmentation, including:

Woman having too much sun exposure.

Types of Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation can manifest in many forms within the body. Each type of pigmentation looks slightly different, caused by various internal or external factors. While fairly common, people often feel self-conscious about areas of hyperpigmentation.  


Located deeper in the skin's dermis, melasma appears as big brown areas. Unlike solar lentigines, melasma do not have a defined border. A definitive cause is unknown, but some suspect hormonal changes can cause melasma to form. Usually, stress and increased sun exposure can make melasma appear more prominent and darker.  

Solar Lentigines or sun spot in a mans face.

Solar Lentigines

Sometimes called sun spots, solar lentigines can range in color from light brown to almost black. These pigmentation areas tend to have very well-defined edges. UV light and sun exposure can cause solar lentigines, which can sometimes become dangerous. Monitor solar lentigines carefully because they could potentially turn into skin cancer.  


Ephelides, more commonly named freckles, are extremely common. Freckles are more likely to appear on people with a fair complexion. Caused by exposure to sunlight, many people find that freckles appear darker during the summer and lighter in the winter.  

Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

This type of skin pigmentation is usually the result of direct trauma to the skin. Things like burns, acne, or severe clinical treatments can cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Typically, this type of hyperpigmentation will improve and resolve itself over time.  

GLAMOURPEEL for Skin Pigmentation Treatment

GLAMOUR PEEL helps provide bright and even-looking skin without the use of toxins and chemicals. Our product is safe on all skin types, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to treat their skin pigmentation or other minor cosmetic concerns. 

Through GLAMOUR PEEL’s unique mixture of natural, quality ingredients, users will experience a gentle yet effective deep cleanse that illuminates your complexion. Take back control over your facial appearance today with GLAMOUR PEEL!


GLAMOURPEEL provides skin pigmentation treatment quickly, comfortably, and reliably. This amazing skin resurfacing procedure can reduce the appearance of skin irregularities with minimal discomfort or downtime. Thanks to the precision of PicoCare 450 laser technology, skin pigmentation irregularities are addressed from within the skin. With this technology, skin is resurfaced more precisely in a shorter time frame than ever before, providing a quick and comfortable experience for patients. 

Woman doing some GlamourPeel/Skin Peeling in the clinic

The GLAMOUR Skin Pigmentation Treatment is the ideal skin pampering solution. 

Our distinctive three-step process starts with the application of our luxurious and highly effective GLAMOUR Facial Serum, designed to nourish and hydrate your skin. 

Following this, your skin will be gently heated in order to enhance the absorption of active ingredients. 

Finally, the  PicoCare 450 step ushers in powerful exfoliation to help diminish skin pigmentation and reveal a glowing, glamorous complexion. Together, these steps help you achieve skin perfection without compromising skin health or comfort.

The GLAMOURPEEL procedure is an advanced skin pigmentation treatment that is safe, quick, and effective. In a single session lasting just 20 minutes, remarkable skin improvements can be seen without the need to take any downtime. 

What are the Benefits of Skin Pigmentation Treatment?

Treating your skin pigmentation has several associated benefits. Those who tackle and treat their skin pigmentation enjoy the following:

Image of a woman having a youthful healthy skin

Skin pigmentation treatment is usually straightforward and comprehensive, with few required treatments. Treating darkened skin areas can lead to healthier, youthful skin with a fresh glow and skin tone.

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