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Fine Lines and Wrinkles Treatment

Woman having Fine Lines & Wrinkles in the forehead.

As people get older, the signs of aging become more apparent. Skin becomes less elastic, creating fine lines around the eyes, nose, and lips. Men and women often seek fine lines and wrinkles treatment options to put their best face forward. The treatment options for fine lines and wrinkles are safe, effective, and fast.  

What are Wrinkles?

Woman having fine lines and wrinkles on her eyebrows.

Simply put, wrinkles are lines and creases on the skin's surface. Everyone, young and old, has some wrinkles. But, as people age, wrinkles can become more apparent. While some lines are very fine, others are deep. Lines and wrinkles form in places where the skin regularly folds, like:

Wrinkles are entirely natural and not a dangerous health concern. The worst part about wrinkles is their unsightly appearance which can make people look older than they are.  

What Causes Wrinkles on Skin?

The body naturally produces elastin and collagen that help keep the skin tight. Collagen keeps skin firm, while elastin allows skin the flexibility to return to its natural shape. As people age, the natural protein levels that create elastin and collagen decrease, leaving skin tissue saggy.  

Lacking the firmness needed for skin to bounce back to its shape, fine lines and wrinkles start to form. Usually, people begin to see wrinkles appear as they reach their 30s. This age is when natural collagen production decreases in the body.  

Certain environmental factors can cause wrinkles to worsen. Exposure to UV light and the sun can make wrinkles appear deeper. Lack of hydration can also cause the skin to appear less elastic, creating dry skin that wrinkles.

HEXATONING Cold Skin Rejuvenation for Fine Lines and Wrinkles Treatment

Woman under going Cold Skin Rejuvenation in the clinic.

HEXATONING Cold Skin Rejuvenation is an innovative and completely safe way to reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles. This revolutionary treatment technique uses a combination of medical-grade stainless steel technology to give your skin's appearance a rejuvenated look. It is painless, and far less expensive than more traditional treatments such as Botox. As the very first people to use this new method, you can be sure that you're in for an experience that rivals other beauty treatments at a fraction of the cost.

Thanks to its revolutionary approach, this treatment works to immediately stimulate collagen in the skin, yielding visible results right away. In just a few treatments, this cold skin rejuvenation method helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging across all areas of the face, neck, décolletage, and hands for a remarkably younger-looking complexion. With regular use, you can expect smooth, soft skin and a vibrant youthful glow.

How HEXATONING Cold Skin Rejuvenation Works:

HEXATONING Cold Skin Rejuvenation is a cutting-edge dermal technique that amplifies focused energy to create tiny, targeted microbeams. Each treatment utilizes up to 15 times more power than a standard laser system, allowing for maximum precision and control while creating micro-injuries deep within the skin. HEXATONING is an incredibly useful tool in achieving even, attractive cosmetic results with minimal prescriptive downtime and long-lasting improvement.

Woman under going Cold Skin Rejuvenation in the clinic.

It is an aesthetic skin treatment method that utilizes pressure waves generated from laser-induced optical breakdown (LIOB). These pressure waves propagate into the dermis and trigger an inflammatory response, signaling the cells of the skin to create intra-epidermal bubbles without reducing epidermal integrity. HEXATONING Cold Skin Rejuvenation has a safe and effective way to improve pigmentary issues, fibrous pathology, and overall skin laxity.

HEXATONING Cold Skin Rejuvenation is a breakthrough in facial aesthetic procedures, delivered by Pico 450 laser - one of the fastest laser on the market. Thanks to its incredible speed, HEXATONING removes the major risk associated with traditional lasers such as CO2 and fractional CO2: thermal damage that can lead to burns, blisters and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). HEXATONING is the perfect treatment for those who are looking for long-lasting results without having to worry about these risks!

Fine Lines and WrinklesTreatment Benefits

Woman face with wrinkles and age change before and after Skin Revitalization procedure.

Treatment options to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles are effective, safe, and have many benefits that help you look and feel great. Some of the benefits associated with treatment include:

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